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Teeth. They let us chew and smile and speak. But, because they are covered in opaque enamel, we can’t always see what is happening inside of them. The same goes for what’s happening under the surface in those tiny gums and jawbones! That’s when pediatric dental x-rays come into play. Dental x-rays are really cool, especially the wonderful, new digital kind! Digital x-rays:

  • Let us get an image of the inside of your child’s developing mouth
  • Allow us to immediately see any changes or problems
  • Are safer than standard x-rays
  • Are able to be shown to you instantly, so you and your child can finally see exactly what is happening under the surface

We also offer panoramic x-rays. These digital x-rays are great for helping us get a total overview of your child’s head, neck, oral cavity, and jaw. Panographic x-rays do not require any film or any other device to be placed in the mouth. Instead, the panoramic digital x-rays stay outside of your child’s mouth and move around their head. The image produced lets us check the position of wisdom teeth, look for things like infection and abscess, and even check on your child’s sinus cavity. We find that the panoramic’s best use is simply to monitor the development of the teeth. It also gives us a good indication of when to refer to an orthodontist for treatment.