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You know it is in toothpaste and sometimes in mouth rinses, but do you really know what fluoride is and what it does? We do! Fluoride is:

  • A naturally-occurring mineral compound well known for its ability to fight tooth decay
  • It is also a tooth strengthener because it remineralizes teeth!!

That’s important because, all day long, teeth are under attack – and not only from what we eat and drink.

The daily wear and tear our teeth experience from chewing, grinding, biting things, or minor injuries all contribute to mineral loss! And while our saliva naturally helps remineralize, adding fluoride to the process makes sure teeth are as hard and strong as they need to be. Fluoride can even reverse early decay! We recommend using fluoride-enriched pediatric toothpaste at home (but only a pea-sized amount and make sure your kids spit after brushing!) and professional fluoride treatments from Buckeye Pediatric Dentistry. How often kids need these treatments varies from child to child, but we suggest at least two a year to keep teeth in tip-top shape and guard against the damages of everyday life.