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Bumps and scrapes happen! Those tiny smiles can become damaged and require knowledgeable hands to repair. That’s what we’re here for!

Clearly, helping our children find the confidence they need to smile –now and for life – has benefits far beyond their cosmetic value.

Dr. Marlina and kid - Buckeye Pediatric Dentistry in Reynoldsburg
Buckeye Pediatric Dentistry in Reynoldsburg



Aesthetic Tooth Bonding

Your teenager chips a chunk off his tooth in football practice, and the prom is coming up. Your daughter just got her braces off, but instead of feeling awesome, she wants to hide because her teeth are spotty. Your little one’s tooth turned darker after an injury, and now everyone is calling him names. While it is never easy to see our kids struggle with confidence or a broken smile, we are here to help with pediatric cosmetic composite bonding. Cosmetic composite bonding is:

We believe that healthy kids are confident kids. Dental bonding with tooth-colored composites is especially great for kids because, unlike crowns and veneers, they require far less preparation of the tooth. This means that more of your child’s precious enamel is left intact. And because we custom shade and apply the bonding directly to the tooth here in our comfortable pediatric office, no one has to wait for impressions to be sent to a lab, or return for placement visits. Instead, Dr. Lucia artfully blends and sculpts the bonding material to repair and perfect, then smoothes it so it blends perfectly in the smile! In fact, composite dental bonding, when done correctly, looks so natural, no one will ever know a repair has been made.


We love active kids and we know you do too. Watching kids out on the field is one of the most thrilling events in parent’s lives...at least we think so here at Buckeye Pediatric Dentistry! But when the unexpected happens – teeth meet the turf – we also know how devastating it can be. That’s why we offer custom-made, custom-fitted sports guards. These guards are better than the boil-and-bite guards found in sporting goods stores. That’s not just because they are made just for your child and therefore offer superior protection against tooth damage and even concussions, they are also much more comfortable–and that means your child is much more likely to keep that mouthguard in, protecting their smiles when they need protection the most. We also offer nightguards for kids who have a tendency to clench or grind their teeth at night. These guards stop enamel wear and tear and can protect costly restorations against nighttime damage.

Emergency Care

Life happens. Sometimes bees do sting. Sometimes knees get scratched. And sometimes, little smiles get bumped, bruised, and broken. We are here to help. Just call us. If the accident happens during our regular office hours, we will fit you right in. After hours, just call our office, and you will be given directions for how to contact one of our doctors. In the meantime, here are a few tips to soothe your little one and keep lost teeth safe: If there seems to be any head trauma, go to the emergency room and call us from there.

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